Some of you have already discovered the new website
and have taken the opportunity to register to use it.

The site should be fairly easy to use once you register.  
For those who absolutely will not use the site the Tournament Director will reluctantly take e-mail requests to signup.

Here is a quick start guide on how to use the site:

1. You will need to go to the Register page to “Create a New Account”.  

Fill in the requested Personal Information and then click “Next”

Fill in the next page of information by selecting a UserName/Password/SecurityQuestion/Answer.  
This will allow you to reset your password in the future should you forget it.

Click on “Create User” when all the boxes are filled in. You should see the following screen:

You should see messages that your account has been created and that a mail message was sent successfully.  

If you don’t see this email Pete Morelli.

You can now look around the site now but will not be able to signup for tournaments until you
receive a “Welcome” e-mail message from  

Those of you who have already registered should have already received
this Welcoming e-mail. If you have registered and haven’t yet received
this e-mail please let Pete Morelli know. His e-mail address is Once you receive this message go to the site and
login using the username and password that you registered with.


Confirm that you are logged in and then go to the Pairings tab.

This “Log In Welcome” message appears on all pages. Now go to the Pairings Tab.

Select a month from the drop down box.Then select one of the Tournaments
listed for that month by clicking “Select" next to the Tournament name. Scroll
down to bottom of the page to see the pairing sheet.

To signup click "Sighup"

To signup click "Signup".

Click within an empty player box and then select your name from the list.
To finish up click "Submit"

If you wish to remove your name you MUST notify the Tournament Director via email.

You can use the “Send the Tournament Director an email” button to do so.
If you encounter any problems email Pete Morelli.